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Changes All Around Us

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Whoa! What just happened? That's right, change is everywhere. But what exactly is changing? Middle school science sleuths get to the bottom of the changes matter can experience. Through simple demonstrations, engaging videos, and an illustrated states of matter cut-and-paste, your class will be tracking down conserved mass in no time!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate additional locations around the world where soil, rocks, or other features have an unusual appearance due to a chemical change
  • If learners have seen the photosynthesis and respiration chemical equations prior to this unit, use those equations to help illustrate conservation of mass during chemical reactions
Classroom Considerations
  • Discovery Education videos are viewable with subscription only
  • Make certain all demonstration materials are ready to go prior to demo days
  • Demonstrations are easy to execute yet impactful and focused on gaining understanding
  • Having the class brainstorm ways to change a piece of paper and provide evidence of the change incorporates the basics of the lesson with good scientific reasoning
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