Characteristics of Parallel Lines

Systems of parallel lines have no solution. Pupils work examples to discover that lines with the same slope and different y-intercepts are parallel. The 27th segment of 33 uses this discovery to develop a proof, and the class determines whether systems have a solution based upon their slope and y-intercepts.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use technology to graph the lines using a large scale to cement the concept that lines with the same slope do not intersect
  • Have individuals graph the equations in the problem set to verify their responses
Classroom Considerations

  • Discussion of the proof about parallel lines addresses the high school standard HSG-GPE.B.5

  • Includes alternative exercises to replace the proof
  • For answers that have several answers that would be correct, the answer key provides a description of the correct response along with a sample answer

  • None
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