Charles’ Law

This Charles’ Law lesson plan also includes:

Searching for a relatively interesting way to demonstrate Charles' Law? Here is a lesson in which pupils heat air inside a flask and then cool the flask to quickly cool the air. They make observations about what occurs during the cooling process and discuss results with their peers before completing assessment questions. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have students research Charles' Law and apply it to what occurs in the body during extreme heat and extreme cold
Classroom Considerations

  • Be careful with allowing steam to escape during the experiment to avoid burns or accidents
  • Ensure safety goggles are worn and all materials are properly disposed of upon conclusion of the activity

  • Contains an introductory activity and builds upon the topic to complete the experiment, allowing students to get comfortable with the lesson before progressing to the next phase
  • Cleanup is minimal, provided all safety precautions are observed

  • None