Chemistry Lesson: Gas Evolution Reactions

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Ah, chemical reactions and gases ... there always seems to be more to learn. This short and detailed video segment describes double displacement reactions (gas evolution reactions) to create a gaseous byproduct. Four gases discussed in this segment are H2S, H2CO3, H2SO3, and NH4OH.    

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Instructional Ideas

  • Emerging chemists could collaborate in groups to gather a better understanding after viewing the segment
  • Use balloons, gumdrops, or other tangible items to describe reactions to ensure understanding of the concepts
Classroom Considerations

  • Previous knowledge of double displacement reactions is needed prior to viewing this video segment
  • The final in a series of six related videos

  • The video is short enough to capture attention of all pupils in the classroom
  • Descriptions of reactions are explained in such a way to appeal to learners of all abilities

  • None