Chicago Adventure, Part Three: Little Skeletons

How do museums keep up with all of the tiny creatures they collect? Go behind the scenes through a video from a larger playlist covering mammals. The narrator shows how skeletal parts are numbered, then examines the museum's collection of seals from around the world.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Place the video in an adaptations lesson for the perfect way to study tooth types and how they relate to diet and lifestyle
  • Find pictures of the seals from the video and pass them out to allow the class to make other observations based on appearance
Classroom Considerations
  • Provide some explanation about some of the tiny marine food sources such as krill discussed in the video
  • Viewers can compare the teeth of several seal species and infer what and how the animal eats
  • Carefully and clearly explains the process of preserving and cataloging specimens
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