Chicken and Steak, Variation 2

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Many organizations put on barbecues in order to make money. In a real-world math problem, the money allotted to purchase steak and chicken at this barbecue is only one hundred dollars. It is up to your potential chefs to figure out how much steak and chicken should be purchased. They do this by constructing a function to model the linear relationship. Writing the equation for the total cost of one hundred dollars is straightforward. But finding a way to graph steak versus chicken is a little tricky. The commentary suggests scaffolding so the ideas of the class can build on each other. Once the graph is completed learning can be furthered by having the group discuss why they would purchase a certain amount of chicken over steak or steak over chicken. Viable arguments among the chefs would certainly take place. A great resource with a lot of learning.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Includes Common Core and Mathematical Practices
  • Real-life situation

  • Rational numbers are not easy to graph
  • May need a calculator
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