Circles in the Sky

The North Star changes — it was previously Thuban but now is Polaris, and in the future, it will be Vega. The video discusses the cycles observed in the sky with only your eyes. It focuses on the zodiac constellations and why they are unique. It also details why we have seasons and the importance of Earth's axis.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Host a star party and invite local astronomers to join and discuss what they know about stars
  • Encourage pupils to go outside at night and look up; they can keep a journal of their observations over time
Classroom Considerations

  • Video points out a flaw with astrology, which some may question and need to understand better as they have been raised to believe in astrology

  • Includes subtitles in 20 languages for the benefit of ELLs
  • Simple graphics enhance the concepts

  • None