Lesson Plan

Citing Text Evidence

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This Citing Text Evidence lesson plan also includes:

Could you go without your cell phone for 48 hours? Pose this question to your class and then read the article provided here. Pupils mark the text and and complete a graphic organizer that requires the use of textual evidence.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Before teaching the lesson, come up with your own list of text-dependent questions to ask while reading; you can create a class chart or note-taking page or simply have learners mark the evidence right on their article copies
  • The worksheet provided is listed as an assessment in the lesson procedures, but you could easily use it as classwork, partner work, or homework
Classroom Considerations
  • The resource mentions an online tool kit a few times, but the website has changed since the resource was made, and you must subscribe; while a text evidence game might enrich your instruction, this is a complete lesson without the online materials
  • See the materials for the chart from page 24 referred to in the plan and article
  • High-interest topic will engage students
  • Includes the article and a related graphic organizer, as well as a chart to analyze and a brief vocabulary list
  • Links to the online text-evidence game do not work