Civil Rights and Liberties: Crash Course Government #23

What, exactly, are people's rights when they are arrested and charged with a crime? Learners use a short Crash Course video, the 23rd of a 50-part series, to analyze the civil rights and liberties that exist in the United States. They investigate the Bill of Rights and other constitutional amendments to discuss and analyze their impact. Open discussion, while paying attention to rights and liberties, creates a clear picture on the true meaning of equal protection under the law. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Research civil rights vs. civil liberties prior to, or after, viewing the video 
  • Role play an actual court case with the liberties of the accused at the heart of the exercise (Bill of Rights)
Classroom Considerations

  • Video is short—less than 10 minutes in length

  • Contains a section called the Thought Bubble, which animates the main ideas of the video
  • Provides direct quotes from primary sources for investigation and review in addition to the video 

  • None