Civil War 360: Gettysburg

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Step into one of the most iconic battlefields of the American Civil War with an educational interactive resource. Young historians learn about key moments, locations, soldiers, and turning points in the battle with a clickable map and guided tour with a 360 degree swivel around Gettysburg.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign to learners on individual devices or on a day in the computer lab
  • Incorporate into a research assignment on the Civil War
  • Spark a discussion about the value of interactive tours in the research project as either primary or secondary resources
Classroom Considerations
  • All icons work except the lowercase i icons; try the links in another browser or supplement with your own background information
  • Teach class members how to navigate the interactive before letting them try it on their own, as zooming in and out or swiveling quickly may become distracting
  • An excellent way to bring history to life for classes who are not close enough to Gettysburg for a real-life tour
  • Provides important information and interesting facts about multiple aspects of the battle
  • None