Civil War Trust Animated Map: Chickamauga

One small miscommunication can be extremely costly on the battlefield. The Battle of Chickamauga is a historical example of how the best-laid strategy can be destroyed with a single mistake — in this case, Major General Rosecrans' decision to move his troops to replace a nonexistent gap, and to retreat to Chatenooga while his soldiers fought on. Learn more about the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War with a gripping and informative video.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign a battle covered in the videos in the publisher's playlist to small groups as they research the most prominent moments of the Civil War
  • Provide a list of prominent officers and locations as a reference page or on the whiteboard 
  • Have class members decide whether the resource is more or less reliable than other accounts of Chickamauga, including primary sources
Classroom Considerations

  • Level of detail is fascinating for history buffs, but may be overwhelming for those without much experience learning about the Civil War
  • At over 22 minutes long, the video would be most effective when broken up or paused for discussion at key moments

  • Animated map is illustrative in understanding the movement of the troops
  • Portrays the importance of military strategy in the context of the Civil War

  • None