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Class Commission

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Simulate a real-life situation with a project proposal activity for an art installation. Learners look at work by Joe Fafard and examine his website for information about public art displays. They also search for other proposals for public at online to use as examples. Pupils write their own proposals, vote on a project after presentations, and work together to complete the winning proposal.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Since this is a more involved writing project than you might normally see in an art class, you may wish to design handouts listing requirements and schedule time for reviewing examples as a class to scaffold the process
Classroom Considerations
  • While the voting adds an aspect of competition to the project proposals that may motivate students to put forth additional effort, it may turn into a popularity contest
  • Requires research and teamwork
  • Applies to real life; if class members plan create public art, they will need to know how to put together project proposals (project proposals can also apply to other disciplines)
  • Comes with a rubric, vocabulary, images to study, and more
  • No real prompts for discussion of the artwork—the resource just says to discuss