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Imagine being able to teach a lesson and keep track of student behavior easily and effectively. This app does that through a point system that translates into easy-to-explain graphs that can be shared with parents and pupils on any platform. It's also free!  

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App Overview

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Simply set up a teacher account using the website
  2. Set up a class or multiple classes
  3. Enter pupils' names or paste names into field
  4. Pick an avatar for each student
  5. Customize feedback fields
  6. Enter feedback with points
  7. Look for trends using the graphs feature
  8. Share results (parents, students, and others)


  • Take attendance daily
  • Set a timer for various tasks
  • Create pupil reports/class reports
  • Parent report functions
  • Student report functions
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use Bloom's verbs to customize feedback
  • Use the trend reports to create groupings
Classroom Considerations

Classes must be added on a computer so be sure to set up time to create classes when you have access to a desktop/laptop. There is a Demo account provided that lets you practice using and customizing the feedback fields. The great part about the website is that it guides you through the set-up process (super helpful). When using the website, you can also have a screen for learners to see and hear feedback cues and timer function. This may or may not be a good fit for your instructional style.

While this is super helpful for collecting behavioral data, the actual avatars may not be appropriate for everyone. The images tend to be geared for younger grades (monster/critter avatars). The good news is that you can upload actual photos or drawings from your computer!

You can customize the behaviors and feedback fields for specific areas that you are focusing on.

The biggest drawback is that you can't customize or set up classes on the tablet.


  • Imports class lists quickly and easily through the Class Dojo website
  • Parents and kids can have their own access
  • Fun interface that kids love
  • Create your own categories

  • Not enough monster icons for each child to have their own unique identifier
  • Requires computer access to set up
  • Most editing needs to be done on the website, rather than on the tablet/mobile device