Classification of Solutions

Is there one, none, or more? Through discussion or activity, scholars find the properties of an equation that will determine the number of solutions. They then use the properties discovered to figure out the number of solutions for a variety of linear equations.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a classification activity by providing several equations to cut out; instruct learners to classify them as either having one, none, or infinitely many solutions
  • Provide several opportunities where the individuals determine the coefficients by transforming the expression mentally
Classroom Considerations
  • The goal of the lesson is to have pupils recognize the number of solutions without solving to find out what those are
  • Seventh segment of a unit of 33
  • Answer key for the problem set gives descriptions of solutions for the open-ended questions
  • Highlights where students use the mathematical practice in the lesson
  • Includes multiple worksheets, an assessment, and both PDF and Word doc formats of the material
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