Classroom Objects

How many classroom objects can your learners identify? Use a set of activities based on object recognition and color matching to help young kids use their observation to learn new vocabulary.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Combine with your unit on household objects or color recognition
  • Have kids identify items in their homes that are similar to the classroom objects they found, or share the same color
  • Create stations for each activity and rotate kids through in small groups or partners
Classroom Considerations

  • Though the lesson is designed for English learners, it would work for kids in a mainstream class as well
  • Some activities require small toys and stuffed animals

  • Great for kids who need some help with vocabulary for everyday items
  • Games are engaging for even your most reluctant learners
  • Lesson provides links to all necessary materials on the publisher's website, as well as alternate versions of the lesson for different class settings (attached)

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