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Climate Change Around the World

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Look at climate change around the world using graphical representations and a hands-on learning simulation specified to particular cities around the world. Using an interactive website, young scientists follow the provided directions to generate temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, and carbon dioxide graphs. They then respond to a set of questions that helps them draw conclusions and notice any trends in a city over time.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Implement a mini lesson on converting Celsius to Kelvins before instruction
  • Review the results from the prior lesson in the series
Classroom Considerations
  • Give yourself ample time to learn how to use the website in order to successfully implement it in the classroom
  • Learners should know how to convert Celsius to Kelvins and measure precipitation rates over time
  • The fourth lesson in a series of five that focuses on climate change
  • Lesson is optional in the series of lessons that make up the unit
  • Comes with a mini math activity for teaching measurement and temperature conversions
  • Includes a detailed plan, graphs for student reference, directions for completing the activty, worksheets, and answer keys
  • The website can be tricky for some learners and even instructors
  • BudBurst Geocoder website link does not work