Climate Change Inquiry Lab

This Climate Change Inquiry Lab activity & project also includes:

With global temperatures on the rise faster than ever recorded, the effects of a heating planet could be devastating. Allow learners to discover just what the world is in store for if the warming continues through a series of videos, a presentation, three investigations, and some research. The labs are easy to differentiate; each group works on one experiment, then shares their findings with the rest of the class. While the investigation is in progress, learners do some research online about their topic and record their answers on a provided worksheet. The information is then put into poster format or some sort of online presentation for the group to share with the class.

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  • Learning takes place through several different formats
  • Easy to differentiate based on varying levels of complexity for labs
  • All additional materials needed are attached

  • To view the National Geographic resource in the sea ice and ocean temperature section, a login is required, either through Facebook or with an e-mail