Clockface Template

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Has the time come to begin teaching your youngsters how to read clocks? Then this resource is just for you. Including six blank analog clock faces, this worksheet challenges children to demonstrate their understanding of time by drawing in the clock hands and recording the time shown in each picture.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create copies of this resource with either the clock faces completed or the times written on the lines, and have children fill in the missing information
  • Laminate copies of these templates, having children use dry erase markers as they practice telling time on analog clocks
  • Differentiate instruction by having children tell time to the nearest hour, half hour, five minutes, or minute
  • Analog clock pictures use different-sized lines to represent one minute and five minute intervals
  • Colons are included on the recording lines to support children with correctly writing the time shown on each clock
  • No instructions or examples are provided to support students