Lesson Plan

Collateral Damage? Researching a Connection Between Video Games and Violence

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Hook your class into an exploration of and discussion about violence in video games with a cute animal clip and a video game trailer. After a quick discussion about how media can affect mood, class members read a related article and respond to the provided questions. They then research the topic, using the materials provided or independent research, and participate in a discussion type of your choice (debate and talk show are suggested). Many materials are included in this Common Core-designed lesson.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Links to multiple articles and websites that students can use to research their topic
  • Comes with possible research questions
  • Provides suggestions for possible roles pupils can take on in a talk-show-style discussion, which include links to information related to each person
  • Focuses on a high-interest topic that will engage class members
  • More scaffolding may be necessary for the reading portion
  • Some of the steps are somewhat vague; this does allow for the instructor to make the final decision about specific aspects of the discussion and final results