College Admissions Toolkit: College Planning Tools and Resources

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This College Admissions Toolkit: College Planning Tools and Resources handout also includes:

Everything scholars need to know about the college search process is included in a 15-page College Admissions Toolkit. Scholars begin their search by considering the type of post-secondary program they want, what they want to learn, and the costs. They research and compare at least three schools that meet their criteria.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Expand the search to include at least one junior college in the area 
  • Have scholars determine which junior college courses will receive credit at four-year colleges
Classroom Considerations
  • The research project may be easily adapted for those who are interested in trade schools
  • Most appropriate for sophomores or juniors
  • The College Comparison Chart, the College Admissions Checklist, and the Financial Aid Checklist are PDFs and may be printed or filled out on a computer
  • Links are provided to the U.S. College Scorecard to help scholars find institutions that fit their criteria
  • The packet includes a list of questions to ask admissions staff and financial aid officers
  • Also included is a recommendations request form
  • None