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In preparation for a game in which they guess the type of communication used in a scenario, scholars examine and discuss the four types of communication: passive, aggressive, assertive, and passive-aggressive. Learners identify "I" statements and practice their refusal skills to combat negative pressures. Peers then role-play their new skills and provide a written response. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Take time to practice "I" statements a few times a month to reinforce their importance 
  • Make the written portion of the lesson an Exit Ticket 
  • Direct class members to keep informative handouts in their binder for quick and easy reference
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan to make class sets of several handouts before conducting the lesson
  • This lesson is the fourth in a series of six 
  • Boosts listening and speaking skills
  • Tips help to avoid falling for peer pressure
  • Encourages social-emotional development
  • The worksheet's font is inconsistent—while some parts are difficult to read