Community Ecology and Sampling

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Seamounts in the Coral and Tasman Seas are home to more than 850 different species. Groups explore hydrothermal vents, researching the organisms found there and their energy source. They also learn about seamounts, exploring their unique ecological world and finish by taking a look at different techniques for sampling biological communities. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • There are great, short videos showing hydrothermal vents and seamount ecosystems on the Internet; search for them and show at the beginning of the related activity
Classroom Considerations
  • Activity only requires copies of included wowrksheets and maps
  • Lesson 22 allows one week for research; teachers may want to shorten this time to two to three days
  • Part eight in a series of 10
  • Includes ample background information for teachers and potentially classes to read
  • Each lesson includes extensions, links to other resources, ways to evaluate learners, and all data sheets and maps needed
  • None
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