Comparative or Superlative?

This Comparative or Superlative? worksheet also includes:

Is this the easiest or hardest exercise for practicing superlatives and comparatives? Your class can find out if it's easier or harder than what they've done before by changing the underlined adjectives into comparatives or superlatives, depending on the context clues.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this as a homework assignment, warm-up exercise, or assessment
  • Invite pupils to work with partners to complete the sentences
Classroom Considerations

  • The lines provided for writing in answers are somewhat narrow; you may wish to create a class set of worksheets, but have individuals write their revised sentences on separate sheets of paper
  • Learners should have some prior knowledge on adjectives, superlatives, and comparatives before the exercise

  • Includes an answer key

  • None
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