Comparing Numbers

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Young mathematicians spin their way to a deeper number sense with this fun, collaborative activity. Using two spinners, one with the numbers 0-9 and the other with the decades 00-90, pairs of students take turns building and comparing two-digit numbers using the appropriate symbols and vocabulary. The instructional activity calls for students to record their results in math journals, but instead, consider developing a simple worksheet that can be collected at the conclusion of the game. Implement this activity with the whole class, or as a center during math rotations, complementing a primary grade instructional activity series on place value.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Activity engages learners in developing their number sense
  • Directions are simple and easy to follow
  • Offers suggestions for modifying the activity
  • Assumes learners have prior experience comparing numbers and using the greater thanless than, and equal to symbols
  • Requires the teacher to make, purchase, or borrow sets of spinners to use in the activity
Common Core