Comparing the Ratio Method with the Parallel Method

Can you prove it? Lead your class through the development of the Side Splitter Theorem through proofs. Individuals connect the ratio and parallel method of dilation through an exploration of two proofs. After completing the proofs, pupils use the theorem to find missing side lengths. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • After completing the proofs together as a class, have individuals write a paragraph explaining the process used to get to the conclusion
Classroom Considerations

  • A review of proportions and proportionality may be necessary
  • You might need to extend the lesson to multiple days depending on the strength of the class
  • The lesson is a continuation of a 36-part series

  • Develops the highlighted theorem through the understanding of dilations from previous lessons
  • Provides a teacher guide that details the concepts to emphasize

  • With the focus on the proofs, lower performing learners may become overwhelmed and miss the connection to the theorem