Composers Timeline

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Take a quick tour through the last 350 years of music composition with an interactive timeline tool. As learners scroll through the years, they see which composers were born and working during the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods of music.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign for homework in a music appreciation class or when discussing any of the given periods in history
  • Have learners begin a composer research project with the timeline
Classroom Considerations
  • Click the top blue button to continue to the timeline; the main timeline on the opening page is just a picture
  • To learn more about each period, pupils must select a composer, click Learn More, then click the link to that time period in the composer's information page
  • An audio sample of the composer's work plays when you click on each name, so be prepared for multiple devices playing multiple sounds, or supply class members with headphones
  • Requires prior knowledge on the characteristics of each time period, as the resource does not explain them
  • Many more interactive games are available by clicking the Games tab
  • Navigation is straightforward on tablets
  • Provides option to search by specific year or historical event
  • Lists only the most prominent composers of each time period (not more than five at a time), the most recent of whom is Carl Bernstein