Compost Monitor Training

What should go in the trash, and what can be composted? Guide your young conservationists through the process of composing their trash with a lesson about the different ways we can dispose of garbage. Using a trash bag with clean garbage, demonstrate which items go into a blue recycling box, a green compost box, or the trash can, before assigning kids to be compost monitors for the class.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Great for an Earth Day lesson or to use throughout the school year
  • Combine with a class garden unit
  • Have kids form theories about what can be composted, and see who is correct at the end of the lesson
  • Assign research projects for learners to find out what conservation efforts are available and encouraged in their communities
Classroom Considerations

  • Lesson references a handout which is not available

  • Easy to understand for all learners

  • None