Compound Word Addition

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This Compound Word Addition worksheet also includes:

Sometimes you can add two words together to make one longer word! Practice doing just this with your class with the worksheets and activities included here. The main goal here is to look at an image, name it, and figure out the two words that make up the compound word.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Invite learners to work with partners as they practice compound words
  • Do one page in class together with image cards that you create and send another page home for independent practice
Classroom Considerations
  • The deck of cards mentioned in the procedures it not included, but the activity can be completed without these; you could also create your own cards by making a copy of the worksheets and cutting out (and laminating if desired) the images for each word
  • The worksheets cover 48 different compound words
  • Provides ideas for how to ease your class into compound word study as well as specific instructions for how to use the included materials
  • None
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