Unit Plan

Computer Curriculum

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Need some extra resources to get your class computer savvy? How about several years' worth? Show pupils in K-8 a progression of proficiency in a series of computer lessons. Learners master the basics, then work with the Microsoft Office suite and multimedia applications. The content also includes important cyber-citizenship dos and don'ts.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Modify projects to include them in your already-established curriculum or to increase rigor for higher grade levels
  • Approach the units as portfolio work so students can see how they've progressed at the end of the year
Classroom Considerations
  • The resource specifies Chromebook computers, but you can tailor it to other tech tools
  • The resource contains an amazing array of links, tips, and activities
  • Each unit builds on the previous year's learning, showing a clear path to skills mastery
  • None