Constitution and Federalist Papers

This reference app provides full text of the Constitution, including the amendments, as well as Madison's Journals, the Federalist Papers, Virginia Convention documents, and more. It also includes notes that provide additional information and explanations surrounding the various documents.

7th - 12th Social Studies & History 19 Views 8 Downloads
App Overview

Users begin by selecting a topic from the left side of the screen:

  • Background
  • Preamble
  • Articles
  • Amendments
  • Madison's Journal
  • Federalist Papers
  • Virginia Ratifying Convention
  • Images of the Constitution

Once selected, the corresponding text appears. 

Features include the ability to print, make a list of favorites, and return to recently viewed documents.

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Instructional Ideas

As a reference tool, this app is most likely to be used by small groups or individuals, though it could be useful if projected for the whole class to see.

Classroom Considerations

This is not an interactive resource, which will decrease student engagement. However, the quality of the information is high. There are some grammatical mistakes in some of the notes fields.


  • Quality information
  • Easy to use
  • Explanatory notes

  • Low engagement
  • Minor grammatical errors