Construct and Interpret a Cumulative Frequency Histogram

The finer points of telling the difference between cumulative and frequency histograms are laid out with clear examples for how to get from one to the other. From defining vocabulary through converting charted data to histogram form, each aspect of a cumulative histogram is carefully investigated. The way the presentation flips back and forth between the two histograms really brings to light how the same information is represented in either way. Great for remediating learners struggling with this kind of data analysis or for introducing the topic of cumulative data charting.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider using as part of an introduction to a statistical analysis project where small groups research and analyze a data set they find interesting
  • Link video to the class website for help during at-home assignments or for pre-class viewing in the flipped classroom model
  • Create a matching game with pairs of cumulative and frequency histograms
  • Give some learners a frequency histogram and others a cumulative histogram and challenge them to reverse engineer the other's graph without seeing it
Classroom Considerations

  • Watching the video lesson requires both Internet and YouTube access
  • Introductory slides defining terms might require additional explanation, due to large vocabulary words used
  • Consider preparing remediation ahead of time for young statisticians that might struggle in creating histograms from data sets
  • Pausing the video at regular intervals would allow the class time to process, ask questions, and analyze data for themselves

  • Pleasantly voiced, with clear explanations of processes beyond just reading slide information
  • Examples involve relatable data sets that are large enough to provide some real analysis without being cumbersome in calculation
  • Clear differences between graphs in colors and titles, preventing confusion
  • Frequent compare-and-contrast steps keep the lesson tightly focused on the two kinds of histograms studied

  • No datasets for independent analysis available
  • No printable slides for class note taking provided
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