Unit Plan

Constructing Text-Based Arguments About Social Issues

This Constructing Text-Based Arguments About Social Issues unit plan also includes:

Eighth graders take a stand on a variety of controversial topics with a lesson on argumentative writing. As they view an informative presentation and work with collaborative groups, they decide which side of each argument they want to write about in an evidence-based essay. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Connect the modeling exercise with a social studies unit on 20th century Prohibition
  • Encourage learners to research additional topics that spark their interest and are prominent in the modern social conversation
Classroom Considerations
  • Topics include gun control, the death penalty, and same-sex marriage; be sure that your class has a supportive and sensitive atmosphere for mature conversation
  • Published in 2008, some parts of the unit are dated, including a list of the 25 most popular Google searches found on page 23
  • Includes assessment prompts and links to supplemental materials
  • Comes with all necessary instruction tools, including graphic organizers and activity prompts
  • Emphasizes the importance of connecting relevant textual evidence to an argument
  • None
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