Consumerism in the Classroom: Effective Strategies for Today's Teenage Consumers

Help class members become savvy consumers with a series of activities that has them analyzing marketing strategies, comparing the value of brand name versus off-brand clothing, and considering the advantages and disadvantages of shopping on the Internet. Each of the activities is designed to engage teen shoppers.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have individuals compare the online price of an article to the price in a retail store
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires considerable preparation to collect the materials required for the various activities
  • Prior to the taste test activity, survey the class to determine if any members have dietary restrictions or allergies

  • The six-page resource includes an explanation of why the authors consider educating today's youth about consumerism is important, a description of six activities designed to engage teens in the study of consumerism, and links to related resources

  • No detailed plans are included
  • Purchasing class sets of materials for some of the activities would be expensive