Keep your class on track with contractions! This reference page includes six lists of contractions, which are organized by the word that is being contracted. For example, the word not is the title of the list that includes words such as aren't, can't, and couldn't. Pass it out at the beginning of your lesson on contractions to support learners.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Great for when your class is just starting out with contractions, learners can place the reference page in their binders or notebooks and check it when they are unsure about the spelling of a particular contraction
  • Have leaners write out the two-word versions of these contractions in order to show the connection between the two different ways you can say and write these word pairs
  • Practice with contractions by asking learners to write paragraphs or sentences using at least one contraction from each list

  • The lists are clearly labeled and separated by common word
  • Kids will be able to easily read the fairly large font

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