Coordinating Conjunctions | Parts of Speech App

Find out what coordinating conjunctions are, and how to use them in a sentence with an excellent video. The resource provides detailed examples, a mnemonic device to remember the seven coordinating conjunctions, an interactive pop quiz, and review. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create a flipped classroom assignment; have pupils view the link at home and come to class prepared to discuss the new-found knowledge
  • Take screenshots of important information and display around the classroom as reference posters 
  • If learners are absent from instruction, have them watch the video in order to catch up
Classroom Considerations

  • Instruction on the use of commas with coordinating conjunctions is necessary, as it is not addressed in the video 
  • An ad appears at the start of instruction 

  • Narrator speaks at a clear pace
  • The video has a clean and organized design 
  • Kid-friendly graphics and voices accompany each example sentence

  • A large amount of information is presented in a small amount of time; this could be challenging for some scholars to take notes or answer comprehension questions 
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