Could We Actually Live on Mars?

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What would be the best place to live on Mars? A fascinating look at the geographical of Mars is sure to intrigue the future astronomers in your middle or high school class. A short video introduces learners to the different characteristics of this rocky planet , including its past water supply, dust storms, and blue sunsets. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a lesson for a flipped classroom by assigning the video for class members to watch before class, either at home or in a computer lab
  • Incorporate the video into a space science unit, or when discussing Earth's geography as a point of contrast
  • Have learners investigate other planets and write short essays about what would be required to live on each one
Classroom Considerations
  • It's difficult to return to the video once it has ended and the assessment has begun, so pause the video before it's done if you wish to discuss it as a class
  • Fun, engaging, and entertaining
  • Comes with an assessment to check for understanding, as well as a reading passage for additional information
  • None