Create a Milk Carton Camera to Observe the Eclipse!

This Create a Milk Carton Camera to Observe the Eclipse! activity & project also includes:

Step aside, fancy glasses... it's time to create a solar eclipse viewing camera of your own using nothing more than a milk carton. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Gather enough milk cartons and materials for all learners to have their own milk carton camera to view
  • Take the questions from the extensions and put them into a worksheet where learners must respond to the questions using their experiment as a basis for the answers as well as researching unknowns 
Classroom Considerations
  • Project can be completed at home or in the classroom
  • Applicable to any total solar eclipse
  • Requires a half-gallon milk carton, wax paper, tape, safety pin, flashlight, and aluminum foil
  • Ensure learners do not look directly at the solar eclipse for eye safety
  • Provides extensions for experimenting and reflecting on the design
  • Meets NGSS for upper elementary
  • None