Creating a Butterfly Garden and Habitat

This Creating a Butterfly Garden and Habitat lesson plan also includes:

This complete set of instructions for creating your very own butterfly garden and habitat is so cool! With some seeds and the handy resources in this activity, you and your class will be able to determine which type of habitat is best for your area and what types of butterflies the plants you've added to your garden will attract. Everything needed is included in the lesson plan. All you have to do is print, plant, and explore your new butterfly habitat. Tip: After the plants are established, send observation teams out every day to track what types of butterflies are visiting your garden.

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  • Fun lesson plan that includes extensive information
  • Handouts and lists of plants and butterflies provided
  • The lesson addresses the life cycle of plants and insects 
  • The purchase of seeds and pots may be required 
  • Permission from the school administrator may be needed to plant the garden