Lesson Plan

Culinary Culture

Italian culture and italian food go together. Have small groups find out all about food-related culture through research and translation. Class members conduct online research, create glossaries, find and translate recipes for a class cookbook, and as an option, cook meals.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Work on this lesson over the course of a few days and use the provided worksheet as homework
  • Pick vocabulary words from the included materials as the basis for instruction, or use those words in conjunction with vocabulary from your textbook
Classroom Considerations
  • There isn't any specific vocabulary included, since the plan is meant to fit into various levels of Italian
  • Comes with a worksheet to help students practice the imperative with food-related vocabulary
  • Provides two quizzes (with answer keys) that also relate to food, culture, and the imperative
  • Links are listed within the lesson to help guide research
  • None