Lesson Plan

Cyberbullying—Alternate Lesson Plan

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This Cyberbullying—Alternate Lesson Plan lesson plan also includes:

Should schools be permitted to punish young scholars for off-campus cyberbullying? After reading a passage that details statistics about cyberbullying and Supreme Court rulings about schools' ability to limit student speech, class members deliberate the questions using evidence from the reading, from charts, and interviews to support their stance.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign the reading as homework and ask individuals to highlight important facts and ideas
  • Have individuals craft an argumentative essay using evidence from the readings and class discussions to support their stance on the deliberation question
Classroom Considerations
  • Establish a protocol for a safe, respectful discussion of sensitive and controversial issues
  • The 18-page packet includes a step-by-step plan, a reading passage, three handouts, and a resource list
  • Provides deliberation questions with arguments that may be used if participants have difficulty developing arguments or if time is limited
  • None