Daily Handwriting Practice: Traditional Cursive

Keep your class practicing handwriting each day in a 36-week school year with this comprehensive resource that combines daily cursive practice with content such as poetry, geography facts, continents, and much more.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Set up a time to practice cursive each day with this resource, or pick and choose the exercises that work for you
  • If you choose one thing to do out of the packet, you may wish to complete the final set of exercises, titled Buggy Alphabet, which are designed to be put together into a little book that demonstrates mastery of cursive (and happen to be all about bugs); a cover page and author's note page are also included
Classroom Considerations

  • Even though the packet is nicely scaffolded, you'll likely want to teach your class how to form each letter before beginning with daily practice

  • Includes a printable chart that demonstrates how to form each cursive letter
  • Titled by day of the week and week number, the activities gradually increase in difficulty and complexity
  • Each week has a theme that unifies the writing activities

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