Daisy the Dinosaur

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Have you ever wanted to tell a tyrannosuarus rex what to do? Here's your chance! Introduce youngsters to the world of computer programming with an easy and adorable game in which a dinosaur follows your every command.

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App Overview

Daisy the Dinosaur is a very basic foray for kids into the world of programming. Although they aren't creating code, users learn that in order to make things happen in a game or other computer-related format, every action must be defined.


From the home screen, there are two options: free-play mode and challenge mode. For new users, challenge mode will introduce some of the available commands.

Challenge mode:

  • Follow the instructions in the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Drag the necessary command bubble to the program box
  • Press Play to watch Daisy perform the actions in the stage area
  • Re-use the command bubbles as often as needed
  • When using the pink bubbles, drag another command into the bubble
  • After all challenges have been completed, move on to free-play mode

Free-play mode:

  • Drag and drop commands into the program box
  • Rearrange the order in the program box by holding a command bubble and dragging it to the desired location
  • Drag a bubble back to the commands section to delete it from the program box
  • When using the move button, select either forward or backward from the drop-down menu
  • Select as many actions as you would like with the repeat 5 button (drag the commands into the white bubble that appears next to the repeat 5 button in the program box)
  • To access more commands, hold your finger down in the commands section and slide your finger toward the top of the screen
  • Press Play to set Daisy in motion
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Instructional Ideas

  • Create your own dino dance and have learners try to recreate it
  • Kids can make their own program for Daisy, then act it out in class
  • Practice numbers and verbs (have class create a program with four spins, two rolls, and three jumps, etc.)
Classroom Considerations

  • Limited number of commands may lead to boredom quickly, especially with older learners
  • When scrolling in the program box, command bubbles will often move, changing the intended order

  • Free and easy to use
  • Daisy is a cute dinosaur, which adds to the amount of time one might spend with the app

  • No ability to save or share creations
  • Scrolling through the program list often moves the command buttons around, making it difficult to add a new command further down the program list
  • Only 10 programming commands, with no ability to buy more