Debate Prompt

Should the government rate music? Are teen juries a good idea? Is space exploration worth the money? Your learners will think critically to tackle these interesting questions, and practice their ability to form persuasive arguments by participating in a debate.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage learners to consider pros and cons beyond what is provided on the worksheet, and to include appropriate examples or evidence when possible
  • Vary how you introduce these debate prompts. For example, you can begin with a silent brainstorm and then group conversation for one of the prompts, have learners think-pair-share for another, and finally assign one of the prompts as a homework assignment to be discussed the following day

  • Prompts are separated onto individual worksheets, each with an introduction and sample Yes/No reasoning
  • Opportunity to practice both public speaking and persuasive writing

  • None