Lesson Plan

“Decalcomania” Glue Paint Symmetry Prints

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This “Decalcomania” Glue Paint Symmetry Prints lesson plan also includes:

Who knew you could paint with glue? After first adding liquid water color paints to bottles of white Elmer's glue and applying them to paper, students of all ages are then challenged to use their imagination and creativity to draw in designs with a black pen, creating surreal pieces of art.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Start the lesson by showing examples of surreal art, specifically pieces made by Óscar Domínguez and Max Ernst
  • You may want to allow students to create multiple glue prints, as their end products will improve as they become familiar with the process
  • Show the included video to the class before taking them step-by-step through the project
Classroom Considerations
  • Though intended by the publisher as an art lesson for special education students, this project can be used with any population of students
  • This project has the potential to get very messy, so be sure to cover table tops with newspaper or plastic to make for easier clean up
  • Before drawing in designs, the glue paint needs to dry, so this activity will most likely need to take place over the course of two days
  • A video is included with the lesson demonstrating how to perform the art project
  • Photographs are provided as support for the step-by-step instructions
  • Multiple examples of the art project are included with the lesson
  • None