Deep-Sea Benthos

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Much like a distant planet, the underwater world of deep-sea benthos is strange and largely unknown. How do creatures survive and thrive in such extreme pressure and temperature conditions? Young oceanographers join the crew of Operation Deep Scope to explore the deepest parts of the Gulf of Mexico. The interactive contains footage from the expedition, a look at benthos that use polarization, bioluminescense, and fluorescence as predator and prey, and a review of human actions that are threatening to destroy the deeps before they can be fully explored.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Dive deeper into the lesson by researching different species of deep-sea benthos
  • Provide plenty of pictures of deep-sea benthos with a variety of body shapes and adaptations
Classroom Considerations
  • Be sure to schedule computer time so all class members can complete the activity
  • Take a moment to explain to younger learners the differences between polarized and unpolarized light, showing examples if possible
  • The sixth in a series of 13 related resources
  • The resource includes printable materials, assessments, and answer keys
  • Interactive features are easy to use and allow pupils to work at their own pace and to check their answers
  • None