Deep-Sea Corals

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Come take a peak at the corals in the deep. Science scholars discover the hidden world of deep-sea corals in the third installment of a 13-part series. Topics include the differences between shallow water and deep-sea corals, the slow formation of coral reefs, and the human activities that endanger reefs around the world. Interactive features allow learners to learn more about deep-sea species and practice naming the photic zones in the ocean.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Take learning further by having pupils create maps of the ocean's depths and identifying creatures that exist in varying amounts of sunlight
  • Show additional images of the ocean ridges created from the remains of corals
Classroom Considerations
  • For younger learners, provide some context on the basic structures found in corals, as well as their functions
  • The drag-and-drop crossword makes a fun formative assessment
  • Includes all printable materials with the activity
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