Defining Success

The telephone, refrigerator, and light bulb are all solutions to a problem that an engineer successfully designed. Get to know more about how engineers define success, using this video. The focus goes through a checklist that directs engineers to a winning solution, and concludes a hypothetical situation from the previous video. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Flip your classroom using this link as homework in which pupils must watch prior to returning to the class when the material is discussed and/or applied 
  • Create your own hypothetical situation that class members must solve using the engineering process
  • Schedule time at the library, or on mobile learning devices, to search for famous engineers and their successfull solutions 
Classroom Considerations

  • This is the fourth episode in a series of 17 videos that focuses on engineering 

  • Scholars are fully engaged with the episode's entertaining graphics, cartoon characters, sound effects, and kid-friendly jokes 
  • Designed for Next Generation Science Standards

  • The host speaks quickly which may make taking notes or answering questions difficult for some learners