Density Workbook

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It's all about density! Here's a dense workbook for young scientists; they solve (and show work for) 29 density word problems, including a problem where they solve for the density of Godzilla. They complete labs analyzing metal cubes, determining the density of cylinders, exploring ice cubes and food dye, and attempting to change a liquid's density (can it be done?). Learners compare water density of the density of other objects by conducting float or sink experiments and compare the density of different liquids. Finally, they take a look at fluid displacement and salt solutions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use selected parts of this workbook or incorporate it into your density unit as needed
Classroom Considerations

  • This workbook includes lab procedures that will require setup and instruction if you decide to use them

  • There are so many simple experiments laid out in this packet; all it takes is instruction and an equipped lab

  • You won't find teacher instruction here, just student handouts