Describing the Center of a Distribution

So the mean is not always the best center? By working through this exploratory activity, the class comes to realize that depending upon the shape of a distribution, different centers should be chosen. Learners continue to explore the relationship between the shape of the distribution and the position of the mean and median. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider projecting the worksheet and having the class contribute to answer the questions together
  • Dot plots can be made on large sticky notes or on the board for all to use
Classroom Considerations

  • Second of a 20-lesson module

  • Provides the connection between prior knowledge of measures of center and the current concept
  • Explicitly connected to the modeling cycle from Common Core state standards is explicitly connected
  • An exit ticket serves as a formative assessment to determine understanding of describing the center of a distribution

  • None