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Designing the World of Film

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Some jobs in film production are more obvious than others. The director directs, the cinematographer films, and the special effects people create those tricky effects. But who designs the mise-en-scene, who structures the set, and who sets up everything seen on screen? Welcome to the world of production designers, set decorators, art directors, costume designers, and hair and makeup people.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Pause the video frequently to permit viewers to ask questions, to clarify understanding, and to note those topics they would like to research in depth
Classroom Considerations
  • The ninth episode in the Crash Course "Film: History, Production, and Criticism" playlist
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Clips from films are used to illustrate some of the concepts
  • The video ends with a recap of the major points made
  • None
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